DraftKings NFL Betting Tips To Live By

Betting on DraftKings NFL requires some specialist understanding, if you wish to win at Millionaire Maker (held every week) Here are a few useful tips for you personally.


Don’t go for the Clear Plays

It’s highly improbable the consensus picks at every position will produce the most fantasy points on a provided Sunday.

The consensus picks often make reference to a backup operating back which is filling in for an injured stud, or perhaps a great TE that is facing the worst defense in terms of guarding TEs. Never assume that NFL coaches are not constantly making alterations in combat these deficiencies.

Play for the Ownership Percentages

Each and every Tuesday, you should check the top of the leaderboard in the Millionaire Maker. There is almost always something the top lineups share- a player with a 1.5% or reduced ownership rate.

There is only a good way to separate your lineup from your herd, and it usually entails having an opportunity on the player inside a hard matchup. You can’t predict mid-game injuries. You do not know whenever a player will step-up within an extremely hard matchup, however, if you don’t take a chance with the idea it happens, you will in no way win huge.

Pay Up for the Studs

Your entire lineup cannot be a variety of lightly owned longshots. When you can image a terrific WR or RB torching a weak defense for over a hundred yards along with a couple TDs, you need to absolutely have him in your lineup. It often comes down to studying the matchups, contemplating the game situation, as well as the players’ well-being, which can all play a role in them having a special day.

Predict the flow of Game

Game scenario is essential for every position, but particularly important when selecting your QB and Team Defense. When a group falls behind, they’re forced to throw, and low-cost QBs frequently had massive games because of a pass-happy game plan within the second half.

There is a correlation among those QBs as well as their teams’ horrific pass defense, which often put them in an opening, and forced them to attempt nearly 50 passes in some games.

Go Inexpensive

When you can accurately predict game flow, it makes it easy to select a cheap QB, which will save you a lot of money to spend on skill players.

Another recurring theme in winning lineups is really a QB in the $5,000-$6,500 range that somehow were able to generate 30 DK points. Predicting game flow, utilizing backups, and targeting weak defenses are several ways to locate these bargains, and they turn out to be absolutely vital in big tournaments.

Analyze the very best plays each and every position. Sometimes it’s essential to determine which positions to fade when it comes to choosing your studs.

Target the Weakness

When selecting your players, it really is easy to understand which matchups are best due to DraftKings’ user-friendly format. The very best matchups are highlighted in Green, whilst hard matchups are in Red.

Exist injured linebackers on a defense? Use RBs and TEs. Is definitely the top DB questionable to experience? Make use of a stud WR against their backup. Most significantly, make use of a Team Defense against the most turnover-prone QB available.

Late Swaps

On DraftKings, you will find the option of changing your lineup when the action begins. This really is critical for huge GPP formats, because if you get off and away to an excellent commence throughout the 1 p.m. games, you might decide to swing for the fences rather than playing it secure and looking to double or triple your investment.

Even if you leave a little bit of salary around the table, these type of swaps provides you with a better possibility of scoring huge fantasy points if you’d rather gamble for any large win than play it safe.

Double Down

You can also double down in terms of predicting game flow, by drafting the RB and Team Defense from the exact same squad, with the idea they manage the action from start to finish and finish this game with a large pick-six to increase FPs.

Multi-Lineup Strategy

One strategy is to begin developing lineups with a cornerstone. Say you’re incredibly certain that Jonathan Stewart will have a big Week 1, and also such as the pairing of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Building several different lineups with this core provides you with a slimmer margin for error when you go on a limb having an inexpensive TE, Group Defense, or target a lightly owned player at the FLEX position.