Monday Night Football Betting Advice

Week 16 Monday Evening Football Preview: Lions vs. Cowboys Betting Guidance

Venue – AT&T Stadium. Arlington, Texas

Date: December 26, 2016. 8:30 PM (EST)

The climate is going to be electric, as the Detroit Lions are playing for his or her very playoff survival. Below we’ll review all the ways that you might wager funds on this Monday Evening matchup


Lions 220, Cowboys -260

What is important to us when deciding which team will win the overall game is to try to select which team may have ‘the will to win’. The Cowboys have the highest playoff honors fully locked down.

However, this does not always mean that this Dallas Cowboys will not be fired as much as play. With two games left and then a bye week remaining before the Cowboys play a truly meaningful game (playoffs-wise), what’s more at stake over these last few remaining matchups is momentum.

The 2016/17 Dallas Cowboys would be particularly prone to a shift in momentum, making use of their quarterback situation. Cowboys understand that there’s an obvious possibility which they could have fun playing the Lions again within the postseason, so they will be motivated to ascertain themselves.

Pick: Cowboys to win


Lions 6.5 (-110), Cowboys -6.5 (-110)

For bets versus the spread, the largest things we have a look at are definitely the two offenses involved, and specifically whether or not the favored team’s quarterback has what it requires to essentially keep his foot on the gas despite a lead.

The Lions have experienced a really easy schedule this season, have beaten bad teams, and have lost to great teams. The main reason which we didn’t buy in around the Lions this season was because we didn’t see any great alteration in their personnel. Without any dramatic change, the very fact of the matter is the fact that Matthew Stafford just does not have the clutch gene.

The Cowboys are better than the Lions on offense in essentially every meaningful category and further since the Cowboys tend to be at home, in our view, for your Lions to drag off the upset it might require Dak Prescott to easily break apart and give the video game away.

Pick: Cowboys to win by a lot more than 6.5

Total Score

Over 45 (-115), Under 45 (-105)

Let’s take a look now at regardless of whether that the game will probably be generally high- or low-scoring. To help make this assessment, we generally consider the defenses involved, and exactly how they match versus the opposing offenses. Good defenses in favorable matchups usually surrender few points and vice versa.

The Lions do not possess a flashy defense, being ranked in the center of the highway in total points allowed, passing yards, and receiving yards. The Lions are really gap-sound and have abandoned only six rushing touchdowns on the season (third-very best in the league). They may be very sure tacklers and possess the lowest number of missed tackles of any team within the league.

We foresee that remaining the truth within this matchup, yielding a fantastic boost in rushing yards for your Cowboys in the second half compared to the first 1 / 2 of this game. Particularly facing a hostile crowd, we don’t think the Lions’ defense are able to maintain its stamina and discipline during the entire length of the game, especially if this game remains close or even the Cowboys pull away.

On the reverse side of the ball, the Cowboys defense has gotten a huge amount of help from their offense this current year. The truth is, it was the program all along from owner Jerry Jones: Although many Dallas fans were calling to the Cowboys to decide on defensive players because of their first few picks in the draft, as a way to shore up that side of the ball, Dallas instead opted to aid the defense by dominating on offense.

In conclusion, here is the way we think the overall game matches up. The Dallas Cowboys use a great run defense, as well as the Lions possess a nonexistent rushing offense. The Lions possess a potent passing attack, along with the Cowboys generally wind up vulnerable to the pass (even though this has more to do with the path of the video game compared to personnel matchups). The Cowboys must be able to both run and pass the ball well if they’re in a position to stay balanced, remain focused, and make use of first and 2nd down to gain access to manageable third-down distances.

This combines together for that final score shown immediately below, along with a pick which we do believe this matchup will wind up going through the posted total of 45 points.

Pick: Cowboys 30, Lions 20