NFL Parlay Betting Tricks That Work

Before you make a parlay bet on NFL, you need to understand the basics of NFL parlay and how it can affect the odds of your winning at NFL. I am giving you these tricks you can follow.

The NFL Parlay or also called an accumulator is nothing but a single bet which links 2 or more single wagers together. This is dependent upon all those wagers who win together.

Many experienced NFL bettors usually don’t use the parlays because the odds of hitting the parlays are quite less than the amount paid for these hard bets. However, bets on NFL parlays get paid much better than a single game bet, bet keeping the odds lower.

Example 1

Suppose a 2 team parlay has the payout 13:5 when both the picks are accurate. But if you assume that every single game bets as a coin flip and expect to get paid at 1:1, the actual payout would be 3:1, which makes much difference.

Most of the bookmakers offer good odds on 2 to 3 team parlays because they know that true parlay odds on the 2 team parlay being -110 is +264 around 13:5, so they start to juice against the players while you go beyond the 3 team parlay.

Example 2

Consider an example of a normal parlay bet. You can place a bet on a 3 team NFL parlay on Dolphins +4, Eagles +7, and Giants -3. If a single team out of 3 fails to cover their spread, then your parlay bet is lost. But if all the 3 teams cover their point spread in the games, then you win about 6:1. That means you have won $600 for every single $100 bet. When you push beyond one of the picks, you can have a 2 team parlay and then your odds of winning the bet will revert back to bookmakers normal two team parlay. If you push further on just 2 picks, the bet you place will be a straight bet.

Most of the experienced gamblers don’t choose to parlay bets. It is quite possible to get more money betting individual NFL game without losing the entire bet by just a single game. For example, if you place $100 each for 4 NFL games rather than $400 on a 4 team parlay, the chances to win money on the bet will increase considerably. If you could win 3 games out of 4, then you will just end up 50% on the bets. However, if you use parlay for the same, you get almost nothing.

In spite of this, the professional gamblers use the parlays in some situations, where they use the parlays for up to 3 teams.

Scenario 1:

They never go beyond 3 team parlays, as it’s the cut-off point at which the bookmakers offer the objective odds. So when they use the parlays on NFL? The main reason will be when both the bets depend upon each other. These types of parlay bets are also called ‘correlated parlays’

Scenario 2:

When the professional bettors will use the parlays when they try to skip the betting limits. Suppose the opening numbers have been announced the bettor sees 2 favorite games. The betting limits are just $500 and the numbers can move out. So even if the betting of $1000 is usual for the betting player, he can still make a bet of $2000 on a parlay, as usually, the sportsbooks have no limit on the parlays. So by having a parlay bet on the 2 games, he can be sure to go down as he likes. So parlays provide the guarantee to the betting player his normal take before the movement of odds. So the parlay bets, in this case, are very lucrative.

Final thoughts

I advise you to bet using NFL parlays with 3 teams as a maximum, beyond that doesn’t go well in the long run. As the people bet on the NFL parlays and end up one game short, that’s why the bookmakers and the bookies still exist. Here the rule of the thumb is, don’t believe an offer if the bookmaker is offering you too many returns on the bets or an offer that seems too good to be true. So bet wisely in NFL parlays.